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About Us

We began our Argentine Tango journey 18 years ago, and today it is our passion. 

Our first teacher was Daniel Lapadula and our studies have included many years of intensive training with Roberto Maiolo and Diana & Diego Baldanza. This was followed by countless hours of intensive workshops with tango masters like Miguel Angel Zotto, Metin Yazir, Cesar Coelho, Guillermina Quiroga, Guillermo Salvat & Sylvia Grynt, Gustavo & Giselle Naveira, and Gabriel Misse & Nathalia Hills. We have taken private clinics in Argentina with the late Orlando Paiva Sr. and his sons. And, finally, we have taken private coaching and intensive workshops Georgina and Oscar Mandagaran. 

Our Approach

Anybody who loves tango knows that tango is a journey, not a destination. We have evolved through many stages, and recently we have been influenced very significantly by two very special people: 
Oscar and Georgina Mandagaran. Their style made so much sense to us that we decided to embrace their technique in our dancing as well as in our teaching.

Little did we know what awaited us: The thrill of dancing in a close embrace while being able to do all the tango figures you want, without loosing the connection and the magic of a three minute romance; to do it all in a confined space without losing a beat; to be able to dance to all types of orchestras and enjoy a romantic Pugliese with an intense fraseo, or to play with D’Arienzo while the traspies and the firuletes flourish mischievously. And yet, to dance tango is to simply walk to the rhythm of the melody -- to draw from the intense emotions and energy that are born in the embrace. ..

While we do not claim or pretend to look like Oscar and Georgina, we humbly and tirelessly work every day trying to develop their style and technique to improve our tango skills.

Our Dream

Our dream is to successfully share with you what we've learned, and we invite you to join us.

Our teaching emphasizes connection, musicality, good posture, elegant walking, and solid Argentine Tango fundamentals movements such as caminatas, ochos, molinetes, boleos, lapices and enrosques. What we strive for is a smooth, harmonious and enticing dance that compliments the inviting tango melody.

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